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Our mission

The goal of this dream turned into project is to create an autonomous and prosperous domain by offering an ecofriendly getaway as well as a range of physical, educational and cultural activities. To interact with a dream place on the banks of the Petite Nation and become a forest farm, a place to rest and nourish, ecological and practical in its approach. To create work and to share the richness of our enchanting garden with others, to shape a community that values ​​commitment, sharing and knowledge.



  • Providing a physical place of healing in nature
  • Bring members together around common goals to improve the quality of life of everyone
  • To highlight the talents and expertise of each by the development of socio-ecological practices
  • Promoting gender balance in the membership
  • Developing and promoting permaculture through food autonomy


There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Domaine du grand calme. Besides the possibility of having priority for reservations, it is possible for members to have discounts, by working a few hours at the various tasks of the Domaine. We are convinced that the members' involvement in the various activities of the Domaine will enrich all our exchanges and your stay, as well as the Domaine itself, imitating the cycle of nature, which gives and gives back according to its means. The membership fee is $ 5 per person.


Permaculture, an ethic

We adhere to the principles of permaculture, which are found in most of our traditional cultures.

  •  Earth care
  •  People care
  •  Fair share

The principles of permaculture design lead us first to observe and interact. So we will follow the raspberry trees already present in the sun, along the paths, and plant red currants, blackberries and other fruit shrubs along the paths on the edge of the forest. In the rorest you will find walnut trees, woody garlic, maple with its sweet syrup helping the wild grapes to climb. All these trees offer their shade and bark to mushrooms and ferns. It will be our pleasure to share with you the beauty of the flowers and our fine herbs that grow in the sunshine. Members will be invited to participle in the culture and harvesting.


 Permaculture design principles (